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On this last day of 2010 please all say many prayers

for this beautiful young man who was taken

away from those who loved him so much.

On a positive note though, he was also

taken from so-called parents who didn’t

give a damn for him!!

Amazing &sad how any scum at all can breed,

and have children!! It is even worse that states

pay these MONSTERS to take children in,

ABUSE them,sometimes even KILL them,

just for MONEY!!!

NO-ONE is ever held accountable

for their actions anymore in our society it seems.

I think that is why people like this can continue to get

away with this kind of crime.

The police have their hands tied.

If you have scum like the scum  mentioned above.

The scum had all the time in the world to plan & commit this crime!

When  Jaliek went missing, when



The Scum was NOT looking for Jaliek

The Scum is off hiding evidence,

The Scum was covering their own butt.

The Scum did not have to look  for Jaliek

as they knew where he was!

I am done rambling for this year,it is still so sad to me!

Please ALL, pray for the family/friends  that

truly loved & cared for that beautiful young man

Jaliek RainWalker !

****Happy New Year****

I apologize my whole site is way behind,will try to get to it soon!!





Barbara Reeley

Find Jaliek Task Force





I want to say that it is because of Jaliek I have “met” many people here.. Also, because of Jaliek I have gotten involved with many things,I did not know I would have an interest in. His beautiful love and spirit are shining through even though he is not here physically,with us,right now. He has lead me to do this blog through the people I have “met” because of Jaliek.He has made me realize there is so much more to a missing person then their picture. This is for you beautiful boy,little man,wherever you are!!

How does a 12 yr old boy, “supposedly last seen  with a man that loves him” just disappear? Gone into thin air! This does not happen. I personally do not believe people, nor children just disappear. When was the last time any of you reading this just disappeared? Even though you may have wanted too!  SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, knows the answer to this question.It would make the most sense that,that SOMEONE would be the last ONE known to be with him.  I truly believe this!! I can’t believe after all this time that has gone by, that no one has made the last person with Jaliek “TALK.”  How can the last person that was with Jaliek NOT want to talk? Clear his name if he is indeed not involved in his disappearance. Then what is HE afraid of,the TRUTH? He might leak out some of the TRUTH !!  The people who love and care for Jaliek have every right to know where he is?? There are too many unanswered questions in this case,its just too sad to me. How does  his  Mother ever close her eyes and sleep again,not knowing where her child is?But maybe she does know,and that is why she is able to sleep! I have followed this, read everything I can get my hands on,from day one. It breaks my heart,I pray daily for Jaliek,I pray for his family for the many  caring foster families that came before his final “so called” family. People that truly cared for him. I pray especially, for Barbara, his Grandmother who has selflessly carried on and never giving up. Getting the word out,keeping Jaliek in the spotlight,endlessly searching,making appearances on his behalf.In spite of her losses. She is an amazingly strong woman in my eyes.Most of ALL!   I pray for JUSTICE  for Jaliek always. I know one day it will come. Until then, each day is sad, and sadder with each one that passes with no answers that come. But one day they will. Answers do come in time. Its times like these, when I wish for days of ole where men could take a suspect and beat an answer out of him. Is it right NO, it is not! Is it right that a 12 year old beautiful boy was just taken away from so many that loved him so much,& let down by so many he counted on, NO it is not right,but is what happen to Jaliek right?  Please SOMEONE answer that to me please??

Praying for Jaliek always,Deb

Any person with information regarding Jaliek Rainwalker is asked to contact Cambridge/Greenwich Police Department at (518) 692-9332 & please see http://www.findjaliek.org/ for more information




PLS contact CNN & let them know how long we have been waiting for this kind of coverage for Jaleik.He deserves nationwide coverage!!!  Pls you can contact them right on ther web-site,please do it!!!     PLEASE!!!!


Update 12/17/08 Woman in Troy,NY accused of Felony Aggravated Animal Cruelty December 16, 2008

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In the meantime, please contact D.A. McNally at:
518-270-4040 or rmcnally@rensco.com

Please contact District Attorney McNally and tell him to prosecute to the full extent of New York Law (Animal Cruelty laws are in section 353 of the Agriculture and Marketing code).

http://wnyt.com/article/stories/S699785.shtml?cat=10114  This link is from Channel 13,I could not find this on Channel  10’s website. Although that is the channel I saw this story on  on the news.

The husband of the accused woman, Deborah Bradley claimed “It was not HER dog. She is not a dog person has never had a dog  in her life” He says someone else named Tia, left the dog in the crate  on her property or in her backyard.  To me, Deborah is  not innocent here regardless. She  had options, many options here. She could still have called the humane society,they would have come and taken this dog.The dog would be alive ! She could have called the police. The Dog  would be alive! She could have  at the very least,given the dog, food and water. The dog  would be alive. Would she have left a baby that was not hers there to die,simply because it was not hers,maybe she is not a baby person either?  Many people are not animal people and do not simply ignore an animal & cause it to die a cruel  heartless horribly painful long death.

What a cold cruel inhumane  selfish person she is. I truly hope she is convicted of a felony, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  All of the options she had would have cost her nothing ,a phone call,some thought of something besides herself. This dog would be alive. Deborah Bradley deserves whatever she gets. Sadly, it will be nothing compared to what that dog lived in its last weeks starving to death alone,in the cold,in a crate,left to die.To me, the only shame is Deborah will not know how that feels. I hope she does get to see what living in a crate feels like in jail.

In tears,Deb

~~~~UPDATE ON BUTTERS, THE BOXER~~~ December 14, 2008

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UPDATE 12/15/08 Troy,NY Woman Accused of Felony Aggravated Animal Cruelty December 13, 2008

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Dec 15,2008  

Most recent information posted on Insession Topix board


Honorable Jevon Garrett
Assistant District Attorney of Rensselaer County
80 Second Street
Troy, New York 12180

ACCUSED: Deborah Bradley 48    Troy,NY


There is a video you can choose to watch if you want to or not!   

*The following story I found On Craigs List: Written by the following:*(I cannot verify the Troy DA’s information is accurate,but pls if you do contact,  do be polite as stated here, we certainly would want the DA on our side and this woman prosecuted to the fullest extent the Law allows. The following story had a link that did not work,and  I pulled it.It stated to be a link to the Channel 9 story above. ) Deb

Reply to:  [?(]Iremoved email address of poster on craigs list)

Troy woman arrested after dog starved to death
A Troy woman has been arrested for starving a pit bull to death and even the experts say the animal had to have gone through an agonizing struggle to stay alive over the course of at least a month. Our Steve Ference has the story and we want to warn you that pictures and details of this story are extremely graphic and for some people may be very difficult to see and hear about.

I am attaching an address and telephone number for the Troy DA.
Please  write and call urging him to punish this horrid sad excuse for a human
being to the fullest extent of the law.

Please be courteous when you call, we want him on our side.
I know how  our emotions can get to us, I personally would LOVE to have some one on one time with this evil person, but we need to keep our cool heads.

Thanks so much

Troy D.A.
Hon. Rich J. McNally, Jr.
Rensselaer County District Attorney
Congress & 2nd Street, 3rd Floor
Troy, NY 12180
518-270-4025 (fax)


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Another SAD, SAD Case of Animal Abuse! How can people be so cold and cruel? December 10, 2008

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It makes me sad so very sad, angrier by the day.I will never understand this.

Mahatma Gandhi said :

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” 

 This does not say much for our nation or our people in this great Nation of ours!

To quote a friend,who loves and devotes her life to saving animal,

       ******************The inhumanity of humankind never fails to muddle my mind.
                                              At least, we can make a difference, one dog at a time ******************************

Again in Tears,Deb

Update on June 28 search for Kellisue June 26, 2009

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We will be meeting at 8am at address below

309 West Montgomery Street, Johnstown, NY 12095 USA

If you are going to be preparing food please  drop it off

@ The Eagles Club of Johnstown Ny 12 South William St. (518) 762-8813

Make sure you wear hiking clothes. Wear bright colors. Bring sunscreen and bug spray. Bring bottled water and a sack lunch

If you are unable to search could you please place a purple or white ribbon around a tree, mailbox or front door in honor of Kellisue

Warning: This is hard to read if you care about animals December 6, 2008

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This is about a Fire Chief in LA,Calif that is accused of beating a 6 month  puppy shep mix to the point it had to be put to sleep. The Video is NOT of the beating it is someone talking about what should be done to the Chief. The story below the video is about the beating.Below that, there is a link to a petition to  sign against this Fire Chief for this. There is also a link to the page the family that owned the puppy  has set up about this. Thank you for taking the time to read this!! I personally cannot  stomach animal abuse in any way. Reading this made me feel ill and brought me to tears. I will never come to terms with this,never.

I can honestly say,I could do the same to this man, with no remorse at all.

     In tears,Deb

Difference Between a Dog & a Deer ????? Lemme see here? November 29, 2008

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This further supports my argument against hunting. A month ago in Sullivan County, NY a 16 month old baby was shot to death in her trailer by a hunter taking its 2nd shot at a deer that it was hunting and shot the baby that was in its trailer in its bed. Do I need to argue much more against this? How can they shot so carelessly and more sure what they are shooting at? My father was an avid hunter in his younger days and taought us all to be sure not to pull that trigger until you knew what you were shooting at. That is my main concern here? This is two cases in just a months time with some very careless hunters. I am sure there are many many more nationwide I have yet to hear about. And this person was in a tree stand, You do have a great view from up there. This really makes me so angry. The guys whose dog it was has to be heart broken as well,my heart goes out to him.

Ask Petland to Stop Selling Puppy Mill Puppies November 25, 2008

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This is from the HSUS:

It includes a form you can fill out and it will automatically submit it to Petland to tell them you will not shop there until they stop this inhumane practice. Please do it NOW!!